A review of karanz kafkas a country doctor

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A Country Doctor

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The entire text of Hofmann’s translation is reproduced here. Dr. Ravi Kakar has a /5 rating from patients.

A Country Doctor

Visit RateMDs for Dr. Ravi Kakar reviews, contact info, practice history, affiliated hospitals & more/5(39). A strange tale of a country doctor, who in the middle of terrible winter struggles to attend a sick boy in a distant household.

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Franz Kafka

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A Country Doctor (short story)

Kafka's story "The Country Doctor" is one of his most enigmatic, because it is one of his most symbolic, and his symbols defy easy explanation. The story opens with a kindly physician standing outside his home in "great perplexity"; his horse has died, and he has been summoned to see a critically-ill patient some ten miles away.

A review of karanz kafkas a country doctor
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