A review of the crucible a movie adaptation of a play by arthur miller

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The Crucible

When Arthur Miller's play The Crucible was first staged init was widely acclaimed as a metaphor for the recklessness of Joseph McCarthy and his spurious crusade against communism%. Of all Arthur Miller's classic dramas,The Crucible remains his most difficult play to convincingly produce.

One wrong choice from a director, one wrong gesture from a performer, and the play will elicit laughter instead of gasps of pathos.


This movie adaptation is quite similar to the play, and has found a wide audience in high school and college classrooms. The script was by Arthur Miller himself, who was 81 years old at the time. He adapted the play, first performed on Broadway ininto the screenplay 43 years later. Dec 20,  · This scene was offstage, wisely, in the original stage production of Arthur Miller's “The Crucible.” To show it in this new film version is a mistake, because the play is not about literal misbehavior but about imagined transgressions; what one imagines a witch does is infinitely more stimulating and troubling than this child's play.2/5.

But Miller was always clear that the witchcraft at the center of the play was invented and imagined, never more so than in a interview in which he said: “The tragedy of The Crucible is the.

The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s Tony-winning dramatization of the real-life Salem, MA witch trials, opened on Broadway March Reviews follow. video-accident.com will continue to update.

A review of the crucible a movie adaptation of a play by arthur miller
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