A review of varsity blues

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Varsity Blues

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Varsity Blues is a American comedy-drama film directed by Brian Robbins that follows a small-town 3A high school football team and their overbearing coach through a tumultuous season.

The players must deal with the pressures of adolescence and their football-obsessed community while having their hard coach on their back constantly. Jul 10,  · News flash from the romance front: All the good ones aren’t taken.

Okay, so 60 percent of America’s singles over the age of 18 are women. That still leaves a hefty 34 million men on the loose. A “Varsity match” is the name of any sports fixture, solely between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

OUAC compete in three annual Varsity fixtures: the Freshers’ match, the Field Events and Relays match and the Varsity match itself. Jan 15,  · West Canaan, Tex., the setting of ''Varsity Blues,'' a crisply directed but entirely predictable all-American morality tale, is a small town that eats, sleeps and breathes football.

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For the last 22 years, the Coyotes, the local high school team, have won the district championship.

A review of varsity blues
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