A review on aristophanes play lysistrata

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Lysistrata by Aristophanes: Summary

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Clouds, Greek Nephelai, comedy by Aristophanes, produced in video-accident.com play attacks “modern” education and morals as imparted and taught by the radical intellectuals known as the Sophists. The main victim of the play is the leading Athenian thinker and teacher Socrates, who is purposely (and unfairly) given many of the standard characteristics of the Sophists.

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Didaskalia 10 () 10 - PLAY REVIEW. Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. Directed by Sheila Daniels Summer Intiman Theater, Seattle, WA. Into this climate came the Seattle-based Intiman Theater’s recent production of the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

I wanted to find an accessible translation by a woman to Lysistrata, since I started using Women on the Edge: Four Plays by Euripedes in my theatre history classes.


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Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata during the Peleponnesian War. An outrageous comedy about war and peace like Aristophanes' other known plays, ot holds a special place in history. An outrageous comedy about war and peace like Aristophanes' other known plays, ot holds a special place in history.

“Lysistrata” is a bawdy anti-war comedy by the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, first staged in video-accident.com is the comic account of one woman's extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War, as Lysistrata convinces the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands as a means of forcing the men to negotiate a .

A review on aristophanes play lysistrata
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