Literature review on quality customer service

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Service quality

Most, there is no mastery on the unbelievable source of service affordable and customer satisfaction. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences OctoberVol.

1, No. 3 ISSN: Total Quality Management (TQM) is a strategy that embodies the belief that the management process must focus on integrating the customer – driven quality throughout an organisation (Stah, ).

It stresses continuous improvement of product quality and service delivery while taking into cognisance. Literature Review Since we are proposing a method for analyzing the dependence of overall satisfaction with a product or service on specific aspects of customer satisfaction, our review of the relevant literature will begin with a brief discussion of the extant literature on customer satisfaction.

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Integration of standardization and customization: Impact on service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Customer satisfaction literature review Literature review on quality customer service
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Service quality and customer satisfaction literature review