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TIO 2016 Annual Report

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Information about the service Description of the service These are the recharge options available once you are activated on Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband.

A year ago I requested change from broadband to the wireless NBN which was being advertised for my locality i was told at the time that the signal strength was unsatisfactory to my house.

I had a 24 month contract with Optus for an iPhone. Iā€™d previously had a number of contracts with Optus and usually had no troubles apart from time to time when I had to.

Optus Australia Customer Care Number Delineated Here With Complaints and Reviews Mr. Gregory David Calls Aug 24, Mr. Gregory David On Phone To Optus Australia Service I have been on the phone over two and a 1/2 and been transferred over ten times this is not good can some one from Australia call me please.

Optus customer complaint
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