The motorcycle diaries review

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The Motorcycle Diaries

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The Motorcycle Diaries

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Oct 01,  · "The Motorcycle Diaries" tells the story of an 8, mile trip by motorcycle, raft, truck and foot, from Argentina to Peru, undertaken in by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and his friend Alberto Granado. If Ernesto had not later become "Che" Guevara and inspired countless T /5.

One of Gael Garcia Bernal's best, and probably the film he will be remembered for. Gael plays a young, idealistic Che Guevara who with his best friend take a motorcycle trip through key countries of South America, ending up at a leprosy clinic, where he instantly wins the patients' devotion by.

The Motorcycle Diaries is a wonderful, heartfelt film about two Argentinians who decide to bike across South America from Buenos Aires, to Valpariso, and on to Machu Picchu and Caracas in Venezuela%. ABATE of NY - Buffalo/Erie County Chapter-The Buffalo/Erie Chapter of ABATE sponsors all sorts of cool fundraising runs.

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From the Mystery Run to the ABATE Freedom Rally it is always a good time. The Motorcycle Diaries is a wonderful, heartfelt film about two Argentinians who decide to bike across South America from Buenos Aires, to Valpariso, and on to Machu Picchu and Caracas in Venezuela.

A final bastion of reckless abandonment, where you can cheer at wonton destruction, needlessly burned fossil fuel, and cracked fenders and shins, and not feel like you have to apologize for it.

The motorcycle diaries review
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